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200 million people are in need of humanitarian assistance today, an unsustainable increase from 28 million in 2008. We know thata local response is faster more efficient and more effective, and 90% of humanitarian responders are local. Yet, remarkably, they receive only 2% of overall humanitarian funding.

This is why HumanSurge and Hayata Destek are piecing together a solution which mobilizes direct remote support to local aid workers, such as Asli.

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Asli is actively responding to the largest and most protracted humanitarian crisis of today: Syria. Asli is often overworked, and rarely has the available resources needed to respond adequately. She knows that if she could outsource some of her tasks, her ability to respond to the basic needs of children, women and men would directly increase.

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We aim to connect women and men who are willing to remotely provide ad-hoc assistance for people like Asli. It’s as simple as that. With your help, we will connect people around the world to complete one million tasks remotely by 2028.

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Since 2015, HumanSurge has used its award winning and innovative platform to connect humanitarians and organizations in solving the complex humanitarian puzzle, and facilitate a faster response to global humanitarian needs through collaborations.

Hayata Destek, a founding member of the NEAR Network, has worked since 2005 with the principle aim of helping disaster affected communities meet their basic needs and rights.

In partnership with the Dutch Coalition for Humanitarian Innovation, we aim to strengthen the humanitarian workforce.

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Strengthen the humanitarian workforce