Strengthen the humanitarian workforce


  • How can I support the campaign?

There are 3 ways to support this campaign:

  1. Make a donation on our rewards page
  2. Share the campaign with friends, family and peers
  3. Sign-up as an expert offering your time and knowledge to a local responder (Forthcoming. For now make a small donation and we will keep you updated, or write us on crowd@humansurge.org)
  • What is HumanSurge?

HumanSurge is an award-winning network that has grown to include more than 10,000 aid workers in over 100 countries. We believe there are solutions to the worlds´ challenges when people respond together and it is our mission that all humanitarian crisis have an adequate, immediate and quality response. We do this by using the power of people connecting and working together, listening and learning, and co-creating with our (local) partners. See also our about page

  • Why are you doing a Crowdfunding campaign?

The humanitarian needs are growing much faster than the world´s capacity to respond. Innovative solutions are needed to engage more people willing and able to help. The Crowdfunding campaign aims to get the required funds to develop a prototype and tests during a pilot phase with several rounds of improvements until there is a functioning system that meets the expectations of both the local responder and remote expert users. We are co-creating with a national NGO in Turkey involved in the Syria response: ´Support to Life´. In this process we are supported by the Dutch Coalition for Humanitarian Innovation and HumanityX.

  • What is the impact of the campaign?

With the prototype, we aim to have a functioning ´proof of concept´ which connect anyone with the appropriate skills to offer remote services directly to local responders around the world. The pilot phase will ensure that the system can function on a larger-scale and is ready for general seamless adoption by many users simultaneously. Our main objective is to complete one million tasks remotely by 2028, adding the equivalent of 5,000 additional full-time humanitarians to the global aid workforce.

  • When will I receive the reward?

The campaign is scheduled to be completed in 2018, after which we know the total amounts of each reward and will make the final order and process for shipping. Depending on your location you will then receive the reward soon after. Digital rewards options are encouraged as they reduce costs borne by the campaign and will also have an earlier delivery date.

  • Do you offer international delivery?

Yes! We can deliver the rewards to you anywhere, as long as postal delivery services can identify your location.

  • How can I share the campaign?

Go to the links at the bottom of the page and share on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. Or even better, send a direct email to your contacts. This is the most effective way to get people engaged. Our teams are loves the option of sharing the campaign in WhatsApp groups!

  • What happens to my donation if the target is not reached?

All funds will go to the campaign. If the project did not reach its target, the donated amount will still be invested into the project. We have a very lean set-up and will make every euro count. Together with our partners we will be strive continue to look for additional funding, including possible extension of the campaign to raise the remaining funds.

  • What happens if you receive more money?

All the funds will be invested in the targeted project. We have a very lean set-up and will make every euro count. When more funds become available we will be able to speed-up processes and involve more experts, as well as

  • How will this innovation become sustainable?

HumanSurge intends to find a sustainable model in which we can auto-finance the solution. This may be through fees from frequent users, percentages over remote services that are delivered against a fee, or online marketing and sponsorship arrangements. During the pilot phase in 2019 and the roll-out in 2020, this will be a key focus area. We believe that long-term solutions in the humanitarian eco-system cannot be based on a dependence on donations, and we aim to set an example as a value-creating social impact initiative.

  • What does a premium membership include?
  • You can choose to have it for 1 year, 2 years, or a lifetime membership
  • You will be able to share your CV online with a unique link
  • Print your HumanSurge verified CV
  • Receive basic CV and Profile review tips
  • ID Verification
  • Can I get involved? 

Yes, you can! And we encourage you to do so! Tell your friends, family and colleagues to support the campaign. Share the web on social media. List your name as an expert, willing to provide remote services.

  • I’m a journalist and I have some questions. Who do I contact? 

We’d love to help answer all of your questions. Please contact us at crowd@humansurge.org

  • Any other questions?

You can contact our team at crowd@humansurge.org or call +31 (0)6 25758647